Repair Outlook 2010 Scanpst.exe Internal Error

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Outlook in spite of being a reliable application very often undergoes with problems of PST file corruption. There are numerous reasons behind PST file corruption. To resolve the troubles taking place in PST file, inbox repair tool has been provided with Outlook application. Scanpst.exe is the only repairing tool which does the task of repairing Outlook files. By default scanpst is located under hidden properties thus in order to locate it you need to enable the option. However, in some of the complex situations the program may fails to run effectively due to various reasons. But the most common reason is the occurrence of internal error. As soon as the scanpst.exe fails to run, error messages will pop-up on your computer screen stating that,

“Internal errors were found in this file. They must be repaired for this file to work correctly”

This shows that PST file cannot be repaired as a result the file will become inaccessible and orphaned.The error appears on the screen only when the tool would not be able to repair the damaged PST file. Sometimes, if you run scanpst.exe on a Microsoft SharePoint Service folder which is configured with MS Outlook PST file then you may see this error message falsely. This Internal Error message occurs only when the inbox repair tool cross check the Deleted Item folder which is not there in Microsoft SharePoint Service folder by default.

If you are facing the same problem then this article will definitely help you in resolving your problem. You can easily repair Outlook 2010 PST file after scanpst.exe internal error by using best and competent PST file repairing software. But it is essential that you select only read-only PST file repairing software. If you are confused regarding the selection of the software then I would like to overcome your this problem by introducing our PST file repairing software. Our software has been appreciated by well-known experts of our industry. This tool is highly compatible in repairing PST file after Scanpst.exe hangs during repair process.

Main causes behind the occurrence of this error are:

  • Running inbox repair tool on Microsoft SharePoint team service folder. This tool checks for Deleted Items folder which is found missing in Microsoft SharePoint Team Services folder
  • Repairing oversized PST file which has been damaged when it exceeds a specific file size limitation of a particular Outlook version
  • Severe corruption to PST files due to virus attack, abrupt system shut down, malfunctioning of the application, system error, hard disk failure, etc.

If any of the above mentioned cases appears then it is clear that inbox repair tool fails to repair damage PST file and returns scanpst internal error. Thus to resolve the error issue follow the steps given below:

  • Ensure that you do not execute inbox repair tool in SharePoint service folder
  • If the PST file has got oversized then use a truncation tool in order to split it in two different files within a specific file size limit

Use our PST file repairing tool in order to repair severely damaged and corrupted PST file. Our software is smarter, better and faster compared to other freeware file repairing software. It can competently fix PST file after fatal error 80040900 on Microsoft Outlook 2003. Our software also provides the read-only feature which helps in repairing damaged PST file without damaging the file structure of the source file.

Remarkable features of our PST file repairing software are:

  • Repair Outlook 2010 PST file after Scanpst.exe internal error with utmost ease
  • Repair Scanpst after errors corrupted due to inappropriate or partial installation of Outlook
  • It can efficiently repair oversized PST file which got corrupted when it reached 2GB file size limitation
  • Best tool to fix damaged PST file which cannot be repaired by Outlook Inbox Repair tool
  • Besides repairing, it also recovers email messages, RSS feeds, calendar items, appointments, contacts, meeting requests, tasks, journals and notes from corrupted PST file
  • It can also be used to solve indexing problem in Outlook 2010 with utmost ease. Visit this link to know more:
  • With the help of Outlook style browser view, you can preview the repaired items easily
  • It can easily repair password protected and highly encrypted PST file within short period of time
  • It facilitates you to scan PST file in Outlook 2010 on all popular versions of Microsoft Windows OS such as Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Follow four easy to remember steps in order to repair damaged PST file:

  • Download and Install free version of this software to your system and launch it by double clicking on the desktop icon. As soon as the ScanPST file repairing application gets launched, the main screen will appear where you have to select any one option among “Open PST File” “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile” as per your requirements.
  • Repair Outlook 2010 PST file after Scanpst.exe Internal Error - Main Window

  • After that, select any one scanning option between “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan” option based on the severity of PST file corruption. Click on “Repair” button in order to commence the repairing process
  • Repair Outlook 2010 PST file after Scanpst.exe Internal Error - Select Scanning Method

  • Once the repairing process gets over, you can view the repaired PST files along with all the recovered items of that PST file
  • ScanPST Fix - View Recovered Data

Essential precautions to avoid corruption of PST file due to Scanpst.exe internal error are:

  • Never use inbox repair tool .i.e. scanpst in SharePoint service folder. Using this Outlook in-built repair tool with SharePoint service folder can severely damaged file structure of the PST file
  • Use updated anti-virus application in order to keep your system virus free. Majorly, PST file gets corrupted due to the attack of external threats. Therefore, use reliable and updated anti-virus program in order to protect Outlook PST from getting corrupted

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